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Russell Dowden has been in radio for 20 years hosting  News, & Alternative Talk Radio, Sports and Rock n Roll musical formats in his broadcasting career.

Dowden has called play by play for AISD Game of The Week and is no stranger to the airwaves of Radio and TV industries, having been cast for several reality TV roles.

Dowden has also worked for Sunburst Media, Infowars, Cumulus Broadcasting and CBS Radio Network as an advertising executive and radio personality.  He has produced shows for NPR and Community Radio. (KVNS, KOOP, KVRX, KMBH, KHID, KJCE, KESO, KFRQ, KTEX, KKMJ, KKPS, KVLY, KTXZ)  including a Syndicated show on The GCN Radio Network. This fall Russell joins the KVET family at AM 1300 The Zone in Austin.

In his publishing career, Dowden has published more than 165 monthly publications such as, Weird Magazine, Infowars Magazine, The Austin Para Times, Rockstar Magazine & Texas Sports Monthly.



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