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Sports Betting Now Legal for States

Sports Betting Now Legal for States

Sports Betting Now Legal for States

By Charles Branch
Sports betting has been a complicated subject among betters and traditionalists in recent years. In the year 1992 The Supreme Court passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act making sports betting illegal across the United States. Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana were the only exceptions. The law established a protection on the integrity of sports from shaving points to even allowing sports executives and officials to manipulate the outcome of competitive matches.
Most remembered was the NBA referee in Tim Donaghy who was convicted of betting on games he personally refereed for. Donaghy served almost a year in prison before serving the rest of his sentencing in a halfway house.
March of 2018 The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government had no right to determine the laws over states that sports betting is illegal. States now have the power to appoint sanctions, laws, and regulations through the legislature. What does this mean for the future of sports betting?
Just like the passing of legal marijuana a state tax would most likely be applied or even a usage fee based on the sport books and websites. The most known sports betting websites Fanduel and Draft Kings would most likely reap the rewards in the next coming months depending on the outcomes from the rest of the forty six states.
Traditionalist states will methodically approach this wanting to preserve the purity of sports within each league. Gone are the days where you have to be in a Vegas casino and here we introduce the option to make bets and risks from a click on a computer while we drink our morning coffee. Times are changing and mere open mindedness has come to life. We see this in fantasy football leagues and other friendly betting events.
The black market will take a hit based on their billion dollar revenue stream, but just like the legalization of marijuana the economy boomed for states like Colorado and Seattle.  This industry will match the marijuana market if not succeed that tenfold. Ad sales through websites and television commercials will spike marketing the average joe to stick their hand into the frenzy.
Ratings will spike with the top tv networks, sports bars will have more revenue coming in, and the intensity will escalate among the bbq watch parties. Apps will be created for easy access and sports will be changed forever.

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