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Glenn Grizzlies get first Win

The Glenn Grizzlies hold off the McCallum Knights at Gupton Stadium Thursday night 30-26. The two year program impressed against a competitive effort from the undefeated Knights.
The (2-0) McCallum Knights opened the game with an unexpected short kick that was quickly recovered by the (0-2) Glenn Grizzlies who was able to capitalize on the favorable field position. Junior running back Julian Morris took control of the drive to take the first lead of the game.
The Knights came onto the field to respond with their offense but coughed up the ball swinging the momentum in the Grizzlies favor. Junior quarterback Drew McGuire threw his first touchdown of the game pushing the lead to 14-0.
McCallum finally woke up towards the end of the first quarter as Junior quarterback Cole Davis threw a red zone touchdown to Junior wide receiver Darius Lewis. They held firm in the second quarter as Cole Davis utilized his legs for an eighteen yard touchdown to tie the game up at fourteen a piece heading into halftime.
With Glenn’s offensive struggles in the third quarter Cole Davis got his second rushing touchdown of the game as the Knights took their first lead of the game 20-14. The game slowed down as each team slowed each other down.
On fourth down with 4:01 left in the third quarter Senior running back Lamont Slade got a much needed first down for the grizzlies. Julian Morris thanked him moments later to take back the lead 21-20.
It all came down to the fourth quarter as Cole Davis started off after a failed onside kick attempt. Davis threw a twenty-five yard touchdown to Senior Cruz Escobar for a tug a war battle for the lead 26-21, Glenn was able to intercept the pass on the two point conversion via Samuel Martin.
Glenn was thinking touchdown but McCallum had other plans taking the ball away. The excitement continued for Glen as they made two behind the scrimmage plays. A bad snap for the Knights closed the lead to a field goal.
Samuel Martin again showed up in the game taking an explosive touchdown pass to give the Grizzlies 30-26.
Cole Davis got his chance to take advantage on a potential game winning drive. Davis hit Takai Satberry for a long play that ended at the Grizzlies twenty-five yard line. Fortunately for Glenn they held firm on fourth down to secure their first win of the season.