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Capital City Fight Night

Underwood Promotions

Capital City Fight Night

TSM: We’re here with Keith Underwood of Underwood Promotions. Tell us how many years have you been promoting fights no in Austin?

UP: So we’ve here in Austin promoting fights now for 3 years. I did promote
a few armature fights for 2 years prior to getting my license.

What can we expect from this April 20th bout?

On the main event we have an ex-military kid from Killeen, Reshard Hicks. He is undefeated 11-0-1 and his the Texas State Welterweight Champ, the WBB Intercontinental Champ and the WCF international champ and all those Titles have been won as UNDERWOOD promotions Fights This next title fight will be for the American Boxing Federation US Title. He would be the USA Champion if he wins.

His opponent is a guy name Dennis Knifechief from Oklahoma and he also Oklahoma state champ. So this should make for a good Red River Rivalry.

The fight will be broadcast live on KBVO here in Austin. Also, Fox Waco picked it up and then it’s also on Tape Delay for Regional Sports Distribution across many markets in the US.

The fights are good quality fights, and we do what is necessary to make you feel like your at an event. Big money on lights,big money on security, our VIP seats are fully catered and come with open bar all night, Amy’s ice cream comes out all night and serves dessert.

And then we have general admission for people who just want to come out and enjoy the fight. We spend the money to make this a “real event”. Our philosophy has always been to put on an event that is entertaining and exciting regardless of who’s fighting.


You can get tickets Online at
or you can go to Richard Lords boxing gym on North Lamer and pick them up there in person as well.

Why is boxing more fun in person than on TV?

Well you know there is a certain part of it is that there is the event side of it, the ring card girls, music in between rounds, and people are excited and there is nothing like the thunderous cheer during a knockout or a big hit, you just can’t get that experience on TV.

Thanks Keith , any pick for the ABF Title?

I’m not supposed to pick them, you know but, I try to get really good fights for our fans and I try to get competitive fights so nobody knows who’s going to win.

I’m going with Texas Kid Hicks.

Visit: to get your tickets for this event.

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